Wales’s own Spruce Goose Reborn, by Nigel Jardine

Nigel, proudly christening his Spruce Goose before it’s maiden flight after it’s restoration.

After hundreds of hours beavering away in the workshop T21b Sedbergh “The Spruce Goose ”

Was ready to go for recovering of fabric, some fresh paint and a full inspection of Airworthiness.  So over to Bellareana (Ulster Gliding Club ) in Northern Ireland She went, to be Pampered by the legendary Owen Anderson, ably assisted by yours truly (Nigel Jardine).

Afer 3 weeks working 90 hrs a week, due to some previous repairs that were not of the best standard, she was ready to be signed off and grace the skies again. Test flights by Aero tow were done and she is now residing back at sunny North Wales Gliding Club (NWGC) near Llandegla, where many of the club members have had the pleasure of flying in her since she came home.


After and now flying at NWGC