Visiting Pilots

We try to fly every weekend, all year round and every Public Holiday, except Christmas day. If in doubt then please get in touch with Ian Masson, via the ‘Contact us‘ window on the Home page, or ‘About us‘ menu button.

Existing Pilots from other BGA affiliated clubs

If you are a pilot from another gliding club, then you can usually fly on a reciprocal membership basis, or pay a Daily membership fee. You should bring your logbook and identify yourself to the Duty Instructor or Duty Pilot and discuss your flying experience as well as receiving a briefing on site procedures. You will, of course, be required to fly Check Flights with an instructor before being let loose on club equipment or flying your own glider.

People new to Gliding

A common question that we are frequently asked is “How much does it cost and how do I organise it?”. The short answer is that a flight costs £105. However, there is more to it than that. Your £105 actually gets you two month’s membership of the club and you can then fly at club rates for the duration of your temporary membership if you enjoy your first flight (see the fees page by clicking here or using the FEES button on the button bar).

You will receive instructions with your voucher including a contact number to call to arrange your flight. When you do turn up at the field for your flight, tell the first person you meet that you wish to fly and you will be extended every courtesy – guests are always very welcome. Maps showing the way to the field are available by clicking here or on the FIND US button above.

Some advice which you may find helpful

  • Safety Issues – Never walk in front of the winch (a large tractor-like object painted buttercup yellow) and never stand in front of a glider, particularly if its wings are level with the ground – such a glider is about to launch. If you find a steel cable on the ground about 5mm across then it is a winch cable. Do NOT touch it, do NOT pick it up – walk well AWAY from it. In general never walk up the middle of the airstrip. If you are unsure about anything then please ask.
  • You must be reasonably healthy to fly a glider. As a rough guide – and this is only a rule-of-thumb guideline – if you are fit enough to drive a car then you are probably alright to fly a glider. For instance, being diabetic will not disqualify you unless you suffer frequent hypoglycaemic comas. Epilepsy, coronary complications or severe visual problems (e.g. tunnel vision) will usually disqualify you from flying. If you have a minor medical condition then check with your GP and our Chief Flying Instructor about your fitness to fly.
  • You should know your weight in pounds or kilograms. Gliders are unpowered aircraft and weights and balances are important. The person flying should weigh less than 16 stones (224lbs or 102kg) when fully dressed and fed (as opposed to normal procedure of weighing yourself wearing only socks!)
  • We have no credit card facilities on the field – payment is by cheque or cash. If you are pre-buying a voucher then you can use a credit card or PayPal account  by going here.
  • We cannot guarantee how long the flight will be – if conditions are poor it will be a short flight. If conditions are good then it will be longer. Gliders need uplift from wind and thermals to extend the length of a flight. A sunny day is much better than an overcast one.
  • The field is just that – a big flat field. Please wear suitable footwear, although nothing heavier than walking boots is usually necessary.
  • Do not wear your best clothing – it is a field and gliding tends to be a “hands-on” sport. It tends to be windy.
  • Bring some sunglasses to wear during the flight and if it is very sunny, bring some sun-cream, something to drink and a packed lunch.
  • To schedule your Trial Flight, please call Ian Masson on 0745 0902405, with as much notice as possible.