How to get to fly a glider….

We often get people asking us “Can I try a flight” or saying “My brother/uncle/mother/etc. has always wanted to try this – what do I do?”.

It really is very simple and we have accumulated and answered the most common questions about trial flights for you. If you need to know more, then email Ian Masson, whose contact details are on the ‘About us’ and Contacts page.

What is a trial flight?

More correctly it is a Flight Experience with Temporary Membership. We offer, for the princely sum of £105, one long flight or up to three shorter flights, depending on flying conditions on the day, plus 2 month’s Temporary Membership of the club. Hopefully within that time you can decide if you want to learn to fly, or not. You pay club rates for flying (see Fees tab) and you will be a member of the club for the duration of your Temporary Membership. As a member training is free, yes, FREE, all you pay for are launches and minutes in the air.

What else do I get?

As part of your introduction we offer one long or up to three short flights as part of your Temporary Membership fee. Your Temporary Membership starts from the date you take your first flight with us.

Gliding is weather dependant and we fly all year round, every weekend and Public holiday, except Christmas day. A word of warning, it can be adictive, once you’ve tried it.

Can anyone fly?

Simple answer – no!

Gliders are unpowered aircraft and weights and balances are important. The person flying should weigh less than 16 stones (224lb or 102kg) when fully dressed and fed (as opposed to normal procedure of weighing yourself wearing only socks!). You should also be able to see out of the cockpit, so between 5ft and 6ft (152cm – 183cm) in height, although your leg to body length has a part to play as you could be 6ft 5ins with a shorter body and longer legs and fly comfortably. We don’t want your head to be in contact with the canopy.

Finally you should be healthy enough to drive (only a “rule-of-thumb” but quite a good one). Those who suffer, angina, breathing difficulties, emphysema, coronary problems, dizziness, fainting spells….. well, you get the idea. Diabetics who are stable are OK but everyone is required to fill out a medical declaration – even those in perfect health. Pregnant women should consult their GP before flying.

Where do I find you?

There will be instructions included with your voucher including a phone number to call. To find us on a map, click here

What should I wear?

In the autumn, winter and spring wear walking boots or leather shoes rather than cloth trainers. Do not wear really bulky anoraks. In the winter woollen jumpers will keep you nice and warm under a light, waterproof coat. In the summer wear light coloured cloths and bring suncream.

Should I bring any food?

If you wish to bring food and drink then that is fine with us. One word of caution – do NOT bring fizzy or carbonated drinks. Flying with a stomach full of cola is not recommended.

Buy a Voucher

If you would like to buy a voucher as a present on-line, you can be redirected to our order/payment page by clicking on the button below. The voucher will be valid for a full year.

For the moment we only accept PAYPAL – please contact Ian Masson (0745 0902405) for an alternative method of payment.

Do I have to go on my own?

All trial flights are conducted with an instructor who does most of the flying. If you wish to take control of the aircraft then you can do so when the instructor deems it to be safe. You are also welcome to bring your friends and family to share in your wonderful experience.

I don’t want to fly, but I’d like to visit

That’s fine with us. We like having visitors.

Trial flight feedback

A taste of your or your loved one’s Trial flight or lesson, kindly provided by Rick, who, as you can see below enjoyed the experience.

“I just wanted to express my gratitude for the wonderful time you all gave Isabelle, Jenna and myself yesterday! We all had a very special day with you; one which I especially will remember fondly for the rest of my days.

I saw on your website that you already have quite a few flight videos, but I thought you might like to see the one I’ve put together to remember the day by.”

Rick’s Trial Flight