About North Wales Gliding Club

North Wales Gliding Club (NWGC), is an amateur sports club. Run by the members, for the members. We currently have a fleet of three two seater gliders, two K13s and a PW-6 (an advanced training aircraft), along with a single seater, an Astir. The club provides training to Solo and beyond, so caters for all levels of ability.

What could be better on a gorgeous, sunny day than flying silently along, using the natural energy of the sun and air to glide as smoothly and as freely as any bird?

A  rare opportunity to see a large part of beautiful North Wales from the air, during quiet flight  as a passenger in one of our two seater gliders, on a clear day the views are fantastic from Llangollan to the Irish Sea and Snowdon to the Cheshire Plain.

Note:  In the picture to the side, although after training you can fly solo at age 14, this chap, is a little too young but it made his day just to sit in the cockpit.

Club History

Local Facilities

Member of the British Gliding Association

The British Gliding Association is the governing body for the sport of gliding in the UK. Our members are the 80 clubs that provide gliding facilities for their members – clubs that are spread throughout the UK from the north of Scotland to the SW tip of England and which range from small, member-run clubs through to some of the largest gliding clubs in the world. Through these clubs we represent and provide services to some 7000 UK glider pilots.

The BGA Vision

Our vision for gliding is an exciting, rewarding and sustainable air sport for all and associated recreational activity facilitated nationwide to a high standard by gliding clubs on airfields whose future is secured, and in partnership with others including non-gliding activity.