Ian’s first flight in the orange Zugvogel (Bird of prey)

Back in 30th July 2016, one of my Zug syndicate partners, a so called friend (Graham, you know who you are), fitted his GoPro at the rear of the cockpit and set it to record, unbeknown to me.
So, warts and all, my 1st flight in the Zug was recorded, edited and posted on YouTube for all to see. Thankfully or Sadly it was a short and uneventful flight.
Some people have had flights of over 5 hours, flown from our airfield near Llandegla to the Midland gliding club at the Long Mynd. Then I do 4 or 5 minutes, well 4 minutes then, on my first flight, it was the conditions, I tell you and I’m sticking to it.